Shocker: Atlanta Braves Leaving Turner Field Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ESPN

The Atlanta Braves professional baseball team is leaving Turner Field.

"Not much shocks me," writes columnist Mark Bradley, who has worked at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper for more than 25 years. "This did. The Atlanta Braves, who have played downtown since moving here from Milwaukee in 1966, are leaving Atlanta for Cobb County.

"Braves officials said today they will build a new stadium near the intersection of I-75 and I-285 -- the place so congested we Cobb Countians know to avoid if at all possible -- that will be ready for play in 2017. (The Braves' lease at Turner Field expires in 2016.)"

The new location is 10 miles from the current Turner Field. Turner Field will only be 21 years old when the Braves abandon it in 2017. Turner Field opened in 1996, as the major track and field stadium for the 1996 Summer Olympics. The Braves moved in the next year. Turner Field cost $209 million to build and seats 49,000. The new stadiurm will seat 7,000 fewer people (42,000) and cost $400 million-plus more to build ($672 million), according to ESPN.

turner field-atlanta.jpgTurner Field in Atlanta