'Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' Names Head Writer Deadline

With late-night host Jimmy Fallon preparing his transition to NBC's "The Tonight Show," the program has announced a head writer -- and the selection is no surprise: It's Fallon's head writer on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," A.D. Miles, reports

Miles has worked as head writer on "Late Night" since 2009, and will continue in that role when Fallon shifts to "The Tonight Show" Feb. 17.

"Miles, an actor-comedian who worked the New York comedy scene in the 1990s and starred on Comedy Central’s 'Dog Bites Man,' had no talk show experience when he was hired as 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's' first head writer. He helped establish the show’s brand of elaborate parodies and high-energy bits," the story notes.

AD Miles-NBC.pngA.D. Miles