After News of Show's Cancellation, Couric Takes 'Katie' Live THR

The remaining episodes of Katie Couric's syndicated daytime talk show “Katie” will shift to a mostly live format, a decision that was in the works before word came last week that the show wouldn’t return for a third season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Some of Couric’s tapings ran as long as two hours -- twice the show’s running time -- because the host wanted to keep going to get as much good content as possible, the story says.

The decision to go live for the show’s final six months on-air was made as a way to keep the program within budget, the story reports.

“A source close to the show insists Couric's decision to run longer was made jointly with Rachel Miskowiec, who was brought in last May as executive producer for the show's second season,” the article reports. “The result was that producers and editors often racked up overtime to cut the content to fit the one-hour format, triggering significant budget overruns. ‘Katie’ was already one of the more expensive daily talk shows ever produced, in part because it had more field producers and news staff than most."

A Disney/ABC rep said the show will be produced live on four out of five days, with the fifth day taped but expected to be limited to a one-hour allotment.

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