'American Gladiators' Star Has Heart Attack, Blames Steroid Abuse TMZ

One of the former stars of “American Gladiators” suffered a heart attack Wednesday, and is blaming steroids as one culprit, reports

Nitro, whose real name is Dan Clark, felt chest pains while working out at a gym and then his left arm went numb, according to the report. A friend drove him to an urgent care center, where they realized he was having a heart attack and sent him by ambulance to a hospital.

“Nitro says the whole thing was a shock 'cause he's in peak physical condition ... and believes the heart attack may have been a result of the YEARS of steroid abuse from his days as a Gladiator,” the story notes. “According to Nitro, 'roids weren't viewed as taboo back in the AG heyday ... it was just part of the culture.”

Clark starred as Nitro on “American Gladiators” from 1989-1996, and has appeared on a number of TV series including “Ellen” and “Saved by the Bell,” according to IMDb.

Dan Nitro Clark-American Gladiators (ESPN Classic).jpg"American Gladiators' " Dan "Nitro" Clark