Roseanne Barr Goes on a Rant Over NBC Project, Says She's 'Never Going to Work in Television Again' Deadline

Comedian Roseanne Barr went on a rant over Thanksgiving, airing her discontent over a new sitcom project with NBC that’s co-written with “Nurse Jackie” showrunner Linda Wallem, reports

“I’m never going to work in television again. I’m never going to even attempt it,” Barr said during the rant on Twitter.

She didn’t name Wallem specifically, but she complained that the “show runner disappeared for 7 weeks-never returned any calls from me-I was told she 'goes in2 a cave.’” Barr added that she was disappointed with the script, which had “hardly any jokes,” and said: “I didn’t connect with the characters.”

Barr, in tweets that have since been deleted, also attacked Anderson Cooper as “a toad” and criticized Matt Williams, the showrunner on “Roseanne,” Deadline notes.

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