NBC Kills Reboot of One of the Most Successful Series Ever Deadline

NBC has pulled the plug on a high-profile remake of an iconic television drama series. Writing on, Nellie Andreeva reports that the network has decided not to move forward with its “Murder She Wrote" reboot.

The news may be welcomed by the star of the original series. The new project, which had Oscar winner Octavia Spencer attached to star, drew a lot of attention last fall, with the original show’s star, Angela Lansbury, announcing that she believed calling the remake by the same name was “a mistake,” as previously reported.

The remake was slated to star Spencer as a hospital administrator and amateur detective who self-publishes a mystery novel, the Deadline report notes.

“Rebooting an iconic series is extremely difficult, as proved by a string of efforts, including NBC’s attempt at a contemporary ‘Rockford Files,’” which didn’t go to series, the piece notes.

Andreeva adds: “Word is that NBC is not giving up on a ‘Murder, She Wrote’ reboot. Because the original series was so beloved, I hear the network brass felt they could try approaching it in a different way, possibly with a new concept. The pass from NBC frees up Spencer, who is expected to be among the most sought-after actresses for pilots this season.”

Spencer won an Oscar in 2012 for her supporting role in "The Help."

octavia spencer.jpgOctavia Spencer

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I'd suggest recasting It with Craig Ferguson in drag as his portrayals on his late night show are hysterical.


Bad idea from the start. Even worse than the attempt at remaking The Rockford Files. Some iconic shows should be left to nothing but that. Especially when new talent is expected to play roles that are too closely attached to the original talent. There's only one Angela Lansbury and one James Garner. Let's be real. There's only one person who could play the doofus detective Jim Rockford.



This is good news. It will save NBC a little embarrassment of having to cancel it after three lack luster showings. Why not hire some good writers and let them do their jobs. Can the stupid suits that are worthless in the first place.

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