Report From NATPE: Turner President Predicts the End of Netflix NATPE Daily

"The End of Netflix?" was the screaming headline of the main story in today's NATPE Daily, a print publication available to attendees at NATPE's annual convention this week in Miami Beach.

The story says, "SVOD giant Netflix will be toppled by the growth of TV Everywhere within two years, the president of Turner Broadcasting System told NATPE delegates yesterday [Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014]."

That person is David Levy, who spoke at a marketing session at the convention. The story reports that Levy "said there 'won't be a need for Netflix' once broadcasters and media companies finalized negotiations and rolled out their TV Everywhere services, following a slow start. 'The challenge is that TV Everywhere is not working right now,' Levy said."

Levy added, according to the story, "Netflix is really getting a huge advantage in the sense that there's no easy way to watch all this programming, so they have come in for a very nominal price and figured out an easy way to navigate through all this content."

According to NATPE Daily, Levy added, "Remember, these devices don't work without great content. You can buy a great iPhone and if there's no content on it, who cares? In the end game TV Everywhere will be what the consumers want and it will be easy to authenticate."

The article did not say why just the existence of TV Everywhere by other content players would lead to the demise of Netflix, given that Levy said Netflix has a service that is available for "a very nominal price" and has "figured out an easy way to navigate through all this content," and that the service is clearly very popular with consumers. Plus, Netflix also has Emmy-winning, Golden Globe-winning and Academy Award-nominated original content to compliment the library programs and movies that it licenses.

david levy-turner.pngDavid Levy