Which Is the Most Trusted News Network? How About Least Trusted? Yep, They're the Same Network -- Again TVNewser

One news network ranks as both the most trusted and the least trusted news network for the third year running, reports TVNewser, citing a poll from Public Policy Polling. That network is Fox News, which has a big lead in both categories.

“The poll found 35% of Americans trust Fox News more than other TV outlets, with PBS (14%), ABC (11%), CNN (10%), CBS (9%), MSNBC and Comedy Central tying at 6%, and NBC (3%) rounding out the list,” the story says.

Among Republicans, the number of people who view it as trustworthy was particularly high, with 69% of Republicans saying it’s their most trusted network.

“FNC also leads the way as least trusted: 33% ranked it as their least trusted network, followed by MSNBC (19%), Comedy Central (14%), CNN (11%), ABC (5%), CBS (4%), and a tie for NBC and PBS at 2%,” the piece adds.