'Simpsons' Voice Actor Prevails in Legal Battle Over One of His Characters TheWrap

One of the principal voice actors on the long-running Fox animated show "The Simpsons" has prevailed in a lawsuit against another actor over a character on the show. reports that Hank Azaria, who plays Moe, Apu, Chief Wiggum and numerous other characters on “The Simpsons,” won a court victory in a suit he brought against “Leap Year” actor Craig Bierko over Azaria’s character sportscaster Jim Brockmire.

Brockmire was featured in a 2010 Funny or Die show called “Gamechangers.” In 2011, Bierko’s lawyer sent a cease and desist letter to Azaria over the character, claiming that Bierko had created him.

"Azaria filed suit in 2012, asserting that Bierko had falsely claimed ownership of the character, jeopardizing a potential movie deal," the story reports.

The judge granted Azaria’s motion for summary judgment last week, finding that Brockmire is copyrighted material owned by Azaria and How To Pictures, the report adds.

The article notes that the judge found that Brockmire “has characteristics such as being ‘a middle-aged white man’ who ‘wears plaid, a rose at his lapel, owns a lucky pen, has ‘old school’ values, has a penchant for movies, especially ‘The Godfather,’ loves his wife to death, jovially interacts with his public, has a depth of obscure cultural knowledge, loses his temper uncontrollably, and works as a baseball announcer.’”

Bierko’s character, who is called “Sports Announcer Character” in the judge’s order, has characteristics that don’t serve to distinguish him from “any actual baseball announcer sitting in the booth on given game day,” the judge wrote, according to the story.

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