'That '70s Show' Reunion -- and a Real-Life Love Connection -- Set for CBS Comedy Series EW

A real-life love connection, not to mention a reunion of two of the key players on "That '70s Show" -- is on tap for the CBS comedy “Two and a Half Men.”’s Inside TV reports that the sitcom has cast Mila Kunis in a guest spot, creating an on-screen reunion for her and the show's star, Ashton Kutcher, who both starred in Fox's long-running comedy “That ‘70s Show.”

Kunis and Kutcher also have an off-screen relationship, with the pair recently getting engaged, as we reported a few days ago.

On “Two and a Half Men,” Kunis will play a free-spirited young woman named Vivian who connects with Kutcher’s Walden. Walden reportedly feels Vivian is “the one,” although he’s about to propose to another woman.

mila kunis 2.pngMila Kunis