Coming Up: 'The Longest Continuous Marathon in the History of Television' NY Magazine, NY Post

“Have you ever spent, like, a lot of money on a pair of shoes and you wore them every day for two weeks to show them off?” asks New York Magazine’s Vulture blog, pointing to FXX’s plan to air a 12-day marathon of “The Simpsons” after paying $750 million for the rights to syndicate the animated show.

The more than 500 episodes of “The Simpsons” will air across a 12-day period, which FX chief Jon Landgraf described as “the longest continuous marathon in the history of television."

Landgraf added: "We don't care that other people had them first, we spent a lot of money and we're going to rock them."

The marathon will start Aug. 21 and run through Labor Day, notes the New York Post.