Charlie Sheen Has Been in a Number of Movies About Baseball and Loves the Sport. So This Sunday He Gets His Dream Job, for One Night Only THR

While Charlie Sheen might be best known "for his hard partying and personal relationships with adult film stars, Sheen is an avid baseball fan and portrayed a player in ‘Major League’ (plus the sequel) and ‘Eight Men Out,’” The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed reports.

So this weekend Sheen gets his dream job, at least for a night. ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” will feature Sheen as a guest analyst during the show’s live broadcast of the Cincinnati Reds-St. Louis Cardinals game Sunday night, according to the article.

Sheen, 48, was also a star pitcher and shortstop for the Santa Monica High School team. Even though he grew up in California, he’s a Reds fan, due to his father’s roots in Dayton, Ohio.

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Charlie Sheen in "Eight Men Out"