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June 5, 2006 1:14 PM



No big surprise, the high stakes game of media chicken continues. Pretty sad that our industry can't find a better way to resolve our buy/sell differences....and the ultimate irony, at the center is Nielsen Research. In chatting today with one of my favorite buying chiefs at a major shop, I know my thoughts are shared. Maybe we need George Mitchell or even Henry Kissinger to mediate....We'll call it the Camp DVR Accord. 



So, what about National Geographic Channel (NGC)?.....Also, no big surprise. We've closed, YES closed, a major media and marketing partnership which ties to one of our most buzzworthy properties. 



Does that mean the Up Front is breaking?....I suspect that the only thing breaking is the water of thousands of women nearing the miracle of childbirth...kinda like in our (SHAMELESS PLUG) UF Special: in the Womb- Multiples. As Lefko says, with my triplets, and his quads and twins, we may not be the #1 sales management team, but we are the most prolific. 





Rankers- another way of saying: sorry, we're too lazy to evaluate your unique attributes and offerings, so we're gonna arbitrarily use RANK (insert # here) as a cut-off.


The Waiting Game- so how long are ya gonna wait?



.....We've had excellent adventures hammering out BIG IDEAS. ...it takes lead time to make them actionable with flawless execution...



Don't It?



The Good News- maybe we'll actually be able to mutually focus on 3Q Scatter? Words- can't we use another word besides ORGANIC when we talk about product placement? Organic reminds me of the premium my wife likes us to pay for milk. My Lunch Today- got together with a reporter (From another organization...now I feel dirty).



When I ordered DECAF he took that as another sign of lack of action...thinking I passed on a jolt of real java. Guess he shoulda ordered tea leaves. 

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