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June 5, 2006 1:37 PM


For all you closet responders to this BLOG ... please don't just call or email me ... respond on the BLOG. You can be anonymous or use a catchy alias. ... Jennifer Garner, YOU can call me.So, I'm certain that my agency friends don't want to be prepping UF decks during Labor Day weekend ... let's get it on!

It's been reported that glacial progress is being made in resolving the DVR measurement stalemate. ... Weigh in ... is it T or F?

In the meantime, we're chatting with our customers to get a better read on actual budgets before we "engage" in serious hugging.

Fondest UF Memory- Many years back having a heated exchange with one of the most outspoken media chiefs in the biz. It was during the Kids UF at 3:00 AM. I described the encounter to my wife who had a great take. ... DUELING D*CKS!

Words: Registrations - as in we're gonna register a budget. Where did that come from? Reminds me of standing in line at college trying not to get aced out of a great course or Prof.

Words Part II: Clutter - as in there's too much clutter on TV. We gotta find a better word to describe this. Sounds like we're a bunch of decorators in search of Feng Shui.

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