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June 6, 2006 6:06 PM


So, my friends in the full time press continue to succumb to characterizing all things UF as a contest, with winners and losers,and, as a race...so tonight I won't keep score. Makes for an interesting read I guess, but this is really not a sporting event...would anyone buy a ticket to watch? The DVR issue was not about PRIDE (or greed), but about trying to avoid the establishment of a dangerous precedent. Don't buyers and sellers both want to find ways to capture viewers that migrate to new platforms? The problem of course is that there is no sanctioned data that evaluates the value of the time shifted viewer. Buyers say zero and sellers say plenty. Could the truth be in the middle, and vary based on the commercial message itself? 

To recall an incident from Dan Rather's past...Kenneth, what's the currency? FARBisms  Words- There are HOLDS, SOFT HOLDS and PINS. Problem is that many folks don't know what they really mean. I was always taught that a HOLD is tantamount (a peak in the Andes mountain chain) to an order. I wish todo el mundo got it.  


UF Snack Tonite- It's 6/6/06...Deviled Eggs.




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This stuff is pretty good. Some of the best I have ever read on TVWeek.com. Much better than the typical press release copy. It's good to see your not too biased towards cable...love the "Words".


Marianne Paskowski:

Loved the blog, but you misquoted Dan Rather. His remark about almost being mugged, which is now famous, is "Kenneth, what's the frequency," not the currency as you wrote.

But maybe you were doing a take off and deliberately poking fun. I always read you and am catching up.

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