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June 7, 2006 6:23 PM

 Do what you may ask? ... Be a slave to INSTITUTIONALIZED SPENDING PATTERNS. It's easy to buy the same old way and the same old things. But with fragmentation galore, it just won't be effective. The solution is not to follow the supposed Holy Grail of Reach and Supplier Consolidation. All that does is increase MEDIA WASTE (unqualified customers for clients) and often, cost. Be open to utilizing new networks, ideas and opportunities to truly connect with clients' core customers and prospects.



  •  Most overused UF phrase: "You're not a must buy." After all, these days, what IS a must buy? If the entire buying community ONLY bought "must buys" how many billions of $ would be left over? It should be about what we would like to buy on behalf of our clients because it makes sense.

  •  WORDS - Portal ... the dictionary defines it as "a doorway, entrance, or gate, especially one that is large and imposing." So, all of you UF "Agency Portals" out there, are you physically large and imposing ... or is it your buying clout?

  •  UF FUTURESHOCK PART I: What do you suppose it will look like in 2016? Well, DisneyViaCast  will be one of the three major global media operations. There will be an UF each quarter across all video platforms. What was known as scatter will be accommodated through an electronic trading system developed by a JV of NASDAQ, Cisco and Texas Instruments. Nearly half of all video usage will come from human chip implants, approved by the FDA after five years of trials. AMERICAN IDOL remains the #1 prime time program, but actual program content is 15% and long form commercials occupy 85% of running time. Most top Hollywood film producers are spending more of their time on long form spots than feature films.




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