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McPherson's McTastic Schedule

May 15, 2007 12:34 PM

Live at the Upfronts

ABC announced its fall schedule today. Here’s Steve McPherson on several of his new shows:

“Cashmere Mafia”—“The next generation of ‘Sex and the City’… the bar was pretty high to deliver on that promise … it doesn’t have same rhythm of ‘Sex,’ it’s not trying to imitate … it’s the story beyond the glass ceiling for these ladies.”

“Dirty Sexy Money” — “We were looking for the next soap-‘Dynasty’-‘Falcon Crest’-type show … but I don’t know that you can do that daytime soap for nighttime anymore… [but this project is] so juicy … unbelievable bite and sarcasm.”

“Eli Stone” — “We’ve talked a lot about spiritualism and is there a place for dealing with that on our schedule … it’s about a lawyer with an inoperable brain tumor … it’s not a sappy tale of lawyer gone good … it’s a good procedural legal drama.”

“Private Practice” — “We’re not doing an imitation of ‘Grey’s’ … ‘Grey’s’ is a show about these young interns thrown into this world… this is about people who know each other really well and adult relationships … and what happens when life hasn’t turned out the way you’d like it to.”

“Pushing Daisies” — “We were pretty cynical about this … [the story of a man who can bring people back to life is] such a difficult thing to pull off. [Byron Fuller] executed a beautiful script that was unbelievable … the vision for this world is extraordinary, it’s like nothing you ever seen on television … it’s romantic, its comedic … it’s one you have to see to understand.”

“Cavemen” — “If [the creators of the Geico commercials] were just going to do a sketch about the cavemen, that wouldn’t have worked at all. They had the idea to take a look at racial relationships and minorities … you can offend everyone and no one at the same time.”

“Sam I Am” — “We’ve been looking to find a series for Christina Applegate … she looked at hundreds of scripts … she just nails this part.”

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