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Pickup Rumor Mill

May 11, 2007 3:48 PM

Pickup rumors are swirling as networks go in pre-upfront lockdown mode, lips pursed, refusing to officially confirm anything until their presentations next week.

That said, some rumors are stronger than others…

-- NBC has renewed “Scrubs” for 18 episodes for the fall, sources said. “Scrubs” was a huge question mark due to the show’s cost and modest ratings. Net has also picked up hot pilot “Lipstick Jungle” for 13.

-- Some rumors about “Notes From the Underbelly” getting picked up, but things are still iffy there. One possibility is pairing “Notes” with female-centric ABC pilot “Sam I Am.” Also rumors continue about renewing “Knights of Prosperity” with Ray Romano in the Mick Jagger role as a possible pairing with “Cavemen” (a pilot that has divided those who’ve seen it; I’ve heard it described as “extremely funny” and “absolutely horrible” with equal emphasis and enthusiasm).

-- Also at ABC, “Cashmere Mafia” is looking good, but nothing official yet.

-- The CW pilot “Gossip Girl” has been firmly picked up. “Pussycat Dolls: The Search For the Next Doll” is looking very close to a renewal (but, really, how many more Dolls does the group need?).

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