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Just as Rich Goldfarb, senior VP of sales for National Geographic Channel, offered candid insight into the upfront advertising selling period, Steve plans to pull no punches in discussing the people, practices and pitfalls of the television business.

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From the Inside Looking In

August 7, 2006 1:46 PM

Hollywood lost one of it’s moguls this week. His name was Paul Hannum. You wouldn’t have seen him on the front page of TVWeek or Variety or The Hollywood Reporter – though I am sure he saw his face there all the time.

Paul was the aspiring producer/filmmaker/writer. The kind of guy this town was built on. The guy who dreamed of making his own stuff, made his own stuff, distributed his own stuff and helped everybody else make their stuff while he dreamed of his stuff taking over the town.

And now he is gone ...

The hole is larger than any of us could have imagined. But, you never expect a superman to vanish from your world. Dear God, you’ve personally watched the guy leap tall buildings in a single bound ...

No way to make sense of a young remarkable man passing away before his time. There will be an awful lot of people who will look around the set and wonder what that feeling is – why something just seems to be missing. And, why those ten things that everyone just assumed would get done ... that always got done ... did not get done.

And, we should all take stock and appreciate the Paul Hannums of our world ... because without them, none of this could exist.


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