TelevisionWeek's new blog by World Poker Tour boss Steven Lipscomb marks this publication's second blog by a member of the television industry. As the founder of WPT, Steve often is credited with starting the televised poker boom. He's also known to say a controversial thing or two.

Just as Rich Goldfarb, senior VP of sales for National Geographic Channel, offered candid insight into the upfront advertising selling period, Steve plans to pull no punches in discussing the people, practices and pitfalls of the television business.

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The Silent Blog Effect:

August 23, 2006 4:06 PM

Fascinating how the Heisenberg uncertainty principle applies to just about everything we do. We have all watched as reality television confirmed that Heisenberg’s “when you observe it you change it” certainly applies to human behavior in front of a camera (I suppose the corollary is “when you watch me you change me”). But, I was rather remarkably surprised yesterday when I heard in the middle of negotiations for a large deal that this TV Week blog had, indeed, had a material positive effect on the deal.

I was told that a number of people at the company had read my post about “The Art of the Deal” and that one of the reasons we are likely to come to terms is that it altered how they were looking at our negotiation. They began to understand that our corporate philosophy really does not countenance posturing, but rather reasoned negotiating.

I guess I just think that’s cool ...

I will let you know how the deal pans out – and what the deal was when we announce . . .

To Blog is beautiful.


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