TelevisionWeek's new blog by World Poker Tour boss Steven Lipscomb marks this publication's second blog by a member of the television industry. As the founder of WPT, Steve often is credited with starting the televised poker boom. He's also known to say a controversial thing or two.

Just as Rich Goldfarb, senior VP of sales for National Geographic Channel, offered candid insight into the upfront advertising selling period, Steve plans to pull no punches in discussing the people, practices and pitfalls of the television business.

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World Poker Tour

“They’re All Snakes”

August 21, 2006 7:47 PM

Was the sentence that I heard myself spewing at my dear friend and General Council, Adam Pliska, as I described the conversation I just had with a sports executive at one of the networks. And, of course I knew it wasn’t true – NBC has Dick Ebersol, the NBA has Adam Silver and hell, Michael Jordon was technically a sports executive for some time. And, to all of us who lived in Chicago in those years, he’s a God – definitely not snake material.

I suppose I should be over it, but I continue to believe that business is built on relationships. When you act with questionable integrity, it affects your relationships forever. And, the affect it has on you personally is even more profound. Basically, you risk becoming that snake. And, what small, incremental decision of the day is worth that?


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