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Daddy, You’re Older Than the Zoo!

November 24, 2006 1:16 PM

Just went to the fortieth anniversary of the Los Angeles Zoo – at which my lovely daughter pointed out that, having just celebrated my birthday, evidently I am older than the zoo. Now, age has never been an issue in my life – at all. But, that one made me think. So I assembled a little list:

I am older than:

The Personal Computer
Reality Television (as we know it)
The Superbowl
Hip Hop (but not R&B, thank you)
Cable Television
The Internet
Al Qaeda?

On the other hand, television, the polio vaccine and even the planet are older than I am. Little solace.

Pretty funny exercise, though. Anything to add to the list?


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Chief Disciple of Poker:

Hi Steve...

You're a little older than

Sgt Peppers Album...
The Doors First Album....
The Soupy Sales Show...


Steve Lipscomb:

Indeed . . .

All great reasons to be alive, yes.


What a crack-up.


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