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The Vice of '24'

February 2, 2007 12:41 PM

Should have made that New Year’s Resolution to blog more. . .

As to the other resolutions, I attended a yoga class in the office building health club last night – it was packed. My puzzled look produced a comment from my cohort: "New Years Resolutions." "Right!" I thought. Good for them!

Then I started wondering what I should have resolved for this year.

I resolve. . .

No more. . .

That’s when it struck me . . . I desperately need some new vices. I mean what’s the use of having this annual ritual thing without having some big things to give up. Sure, I enjoy playing miniature golf a bit more than I should, but you can’t really form much of a support group around that one . . .

So, I am going to have to make a “cause celebre” out of the one vice I seem to have these days: The Fox television show “24”.

And, talk about addictive. Rupert, save us. The more shows you make the more we have to watch. It’s that sound at the end of each act – the countdown thing. . .

And, if you rent the DVDs – four in a row. Dear God, it’s two o’clock in the morning and you can’t believe you’re pushing PLAY to watch that fourth episode. . .

Okay. So, anyone wishing to join me in the support group should contact me through the blog. . .


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Ron R.:

I'm with you. I started watching 2 seasons ago and just went back and watched past seasons. Several late nights when I would choose "just one more episode".

Steve Lipscomb:

Suppose it's better than crack, but I come to understand the compuslive mindset. I think we should start a support group -- just as soon as they stop producing episodes and we've seen them all . . .


I am a 24 fanatic. It is the ONLY show on TV that I watch-just way too busy building our online poker company. I taped the first three episodes ( 2 of them 2 hours!!) and actually sat and wacthed them all...inlcuding that 1AM decision to hit 'PLAY' to see that third episode.

I will be first to join the support group at seasons end!

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