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On Sen. Clinton's Tactics

February 3, 2008 7:57 AM

Steve Lipscomb's World Poker TourMy wife just read me Ms. Clinton's latest statement trying to link Barack Obama to George W. Bush. Clinton says voting for Obama is like voting for "W" because we won't know what he will do. . . I suppose we are supposed to insert dramatic music with a percussive sting at the end. I am shocked, amazed and profoundly disappointed.

Here's the irony:

While Michelle Obama is standing in Delaware declaring that we are done being ruled by threats and fear, Hillary stands up and adopts the nasty campaign tactics employed so effectively by Karl Rove -- to try and threaten us into submission. That is so wrong!

I've taken some time to dig into the background of this man, Barack Obama. He is the guy who spent his life doing the right thing when no one was watching. He is the guy who made a difference because he felt that giving back was what you do when you are fortunate. He is the guy who has managed to get people excited about a future in which we do not presume that lies, corruption, deception and cynicism are inevitable characteristics of our leaders. He is the guy who has a chance to bind this country together and start healing a world that has so many more similarities than differences.

History does this over and over again. It places us in these moments when we have a chance to stand together. . . and be something extraordinary. And, so often -- for all the wrong reasons -- the voices of fear and hate co-opt the conversation. . . because winning the game or winning the race or getting power becomes more important than doing the right thing. . . or being the right person. And, that is wrong.

Senator Clinton . . . you are better than that. You always have been and you always will be. As someone who has long been a big fan, I hope you will stop listening to the handlers and the strategists. Because even if they are right and this is your best next move. . . it's wrong. And, it likely feels that way . . . .


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Steve P:


Can we stick to advertising and the state of the TV industry as topic matter? However, since you started us down this road...

While I applaud your passion and build up for Senator Obama might I ask you to explain his friendship with Tony Rezko (currently under arrest). That sort of betrays the "did the right thing while nobody was looking" theory. Also, I do take issue with your rather typical stereotype regarding Karl Rove. Perhaps you've not heard of James Carville, Paul Begala or Sid Blumenthal. As I recall, these were the Clinton partisans who raised the personal destruction of political enemies to an art form. Steve, I think it's time to take off the rose colored glasses and realize that Senator Clinton is not better than this; is there anyone out there that practices Machiavellian tactics better? I tend to think Senator Obama has become all too familiar with the "high minded" Clintonian tactics these days.


Steve P.
Chantilly, VA

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