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Daisy Whitney specializes in covering Internet video, social networking, YouTube, iTunes and other forms of online and new media distribution of content. As a multimedia reporter she is one of the first journalists to launch her own online newscast that covers the business of Internet video. She is currently TelevisionWeek’s new media reporter, extensively covering broadband video, iTunes, online television, consumer-generated media, interactive television, video-on-demand and mobile programming. Daisy is also the host and creator of the Webcast “New Media Minute.”

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Column: Who Will Survive Online Shakeout?

There’s just not enough money to go around on the Web. That’s why the digital studios are tumbling down. The first to fall was Mania TV in March, followed by 60 Frames earlier this month. More will surely shutter in the coming months. The question is, who will be left standing? Digital studios like Deca, Agility, Next New Networks, Electric Farm Entertainment, Revision3 and others are fiercely competing with YouTube, Hulu, broadcast and cable networks and online video advertising networks for the precious few Web video ad dollars. Media firm Magna forecasts the U.S. market for online video will grow by 32% this year, rising from $531 million in 2008 to $699 million in 2009. That’s just not enough to keep everyone fed. “Digital studios are obviously challenged,” said Adam Kasper, senior VP and director of digital media at Media Contacts. “They sell high-priced creative services without long-term, contractual relationships with marketers. That means they are pitching all the time. I don’t see that as a sustainable business model. It’s too taxing on an organization.” For Web video to work for advertisers, brands want to be involved early on in the creative process to meet their marketing objectives, said Jordan...More »

News Stories by Daisy

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Ad:Tech Defies Downward Attendance Trend

This year the media conference business has been witnessing a 20% drop in attendance across the board. That’s about what the NAB Show, the Consumer...More »

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Longtime television network publicity guru Gary Morgenstein is flexing his writing muscles. He just released two novels on Amazon, one about a nutty Brooklyn man...More »


Digital Dealmaker

Michael Wayne, Co-Founder and CEO of DECA

The player: Michael Wayne, co-founder and CEO of digital studio DECA. The play: DECA is a digital studio that funds, markets and distributes digital shows. The company makes money via advertising support for its shows. The pitch: DECA’s focus is on nurturing talent and personalities who are unique to the...More »

Viral Video

Editor's Choice

It's Ladies Night!

TelevisionWeek is trawling video-sharing Web sites to find the hottest clips spreading on the Internet. Visit TVWeek.com to view the latest. The setup: There are spoofs and then there are spoofs. This might just be the best spoof of a viral video ever. And that’s saying something because the original, “Jizz in My Pants,” is pretty spectacular. But now consider...More »