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RSS (short for really simple syndication) is a way to receive regularly updated web content and gather it in one place for easy reading. Instead of constantly checking multiple blogs, news sites, podcasts and other sources throughout the day, one can subsrcibe to "feeds" with an RSS reader (often referred to as an "aggregator"), which will automatically keep itself updated with the latest developments as they happen. It's an efficient and pain-free method of keeping tabs on the world, and TelevisionWeek's feeds are a great place to start. More information on RSS Click on news category to subscribe. TELEVISIONWEEK'S NEWS FEEDS Click on blog name to subscribe. TELEVISIONWEEK'S BLOG FEEDS
  • Trial and Error TelevisionWeek contributing writer Daisy Whitney is blogging about the pinnacles and pitfalls facing viewers who want to consume television in new ways.
  • Pressbox Deputy Editor Chris Pursell is exploring the billion dollar business of sports media. He will deliver the latest insights as well as a fresh perspective along with interviews with the biggest personalities in the business.
  • Marianne Paskowski TV industry veteran Marianne Paskowski blogs with a deep knowledge of the industry and passes along some of the juicy morsels she's hearing on the grapevine.
  • Timeless TV TelevisionWeek Executive Editor Tom Gilbert blogs about classic television, where anything from "Leave It to Beaver" to "Malcolm in the Middle" is fair game for discussion. Reunion specials, DVD releases of classic shows, vintage commercials -- anything that's ever been telecast is the hot topic here.
  • Blink TelevisionWeek's Blink page is an industry must-read, taking a sardonic look at happenings across the television business. Online this wry coverage is extended and updated throughout the week.
  • Access Hollywood Confidential Few people can stay on top of celebrity news like "Access Hollywood" executive producer Rob Silverstein. Mr. Silverstein has established himself as a master of delivering the sights and sounds of the A-list from Hollywood to London, and his blog will provide insights into the cutthroat world of celebrity dish.
  • Sidebar with Judge David Young The newest entrant to the dog-eat-dog world of syndicated court programs is also the newest blogger on The man with the gavel will give his views on dispensing justice in front of a camera -- and may break into song.
  • Steve Wilkos From the U.S. Marine Corps to the Chicago Police Department to the stage of "The Jerry Springer Show," Steve Wilkos is now taking center stage as host of his own upcoming talk program. Mr. Wilkos blogs about everything from his vision for his show to his promotional tour to his preparations for production to his experiences on air.
  • Tom Shales The Pulitzer Prize-winning critic blogs exclusively at with strong opinions and buckets of humor.
  • The Singing B-log One of the most talked about new series hitting the airwaves this summer, "The Singing Bee" could be poised to be NBC's latest hit. Series executive producer Robert Horowitz will be blogging on the ins and outs of turning a program about song lyrics into watercooler television, discussing what happened behind the scenes to what viewers can expect in upcoming weeks.
  • World Poker Tour As the founder of World Poker Tour, Steven Lipscomb often is credited with starting the televised poker boom. He's also known to say a controversial thing or two.