Mike Milbury Joins NBC Sports as Analyst

NBC Sports has tapped former National Hockey League player, coach and front-office executive Mike Milbury as studio analyst for NBC's “NHL Game of the Week” for the 2007-08 season.

In addition, the studio show, which had originated from Rockefeller Plaza the past two seasons, will be broadcast live on location from the game sites, hosted by Pierre McGuire, NBC's “Inside the Glass” analyst.

“Mike is sometimes controversial, usually quotable and always interesting,” said Sam Flood, NBC Sports’ coordinating producer and NHL producer. “As an ex-player, coach and G.M., he brings a hat trick of perspective to his new role as a broadcaster. And taking the studio show inside the arena provides an immediacy and big-event feel, while shining an even bigger spotlight on the 'Game of the Week.'”

After a long playing career, Mr. Milbury became the Boston Bruins' head coach in 1989-90, leading the team to the Stanley Cup Final in his rookie season. He also has coached for the New York Islanders and later was the team’s general manager and senior VP. Mr. Milbury previously worked as an NHL studio analyst for ESPN during the 1994-95 NHL season.

He has been known through his career for controversial statements, including a comment about agent Paul Krause years ago, when he said, “It's too bad he lives in the city. He's depriving some small village of a pretty good idiot.”

Mr. Milbury acknowledged his history of comments as he readied himself for the sportscasting gig.

“For years I've been offering my opinion, most of the time without being asked, and not getting paid for it,” he said. “In all seriousness, I love the game of hockey and am greatly looking forward to lending my voice to the sport and joining the crew at NBC who share my passion for the NHL.”

NBC Sports and the NHL recently announced an extension of their revenue-sharing partnership through the 2007-08 season, which will include a “Game of the Week” flexible scheduling component. The deal includes an NBC option for 2008-09.

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Nicole Latulippe:

Mr Milbury,
Isn't it interesting that you talk about Boston's penalty in OT vs Montréal on Saturday... Did you watch the whole game and series? Haven't you noticed how many times Boston hasn't gotten a penalty when it was way obvious??? Please...! If you want to make comments, at least get your facts straight! That's hockey, you get a "borderline" penalty at times, and none when it's in plain site. Why aren't you behind a bench coaching anymore again?
Good day.

Matt Lipsit:

Mr. Milbury,

I just wanted to let you know that I was disgusted with the way you bashed the Caps this weekend; In case your old age is getting to you, they won 11 of their last 12 games and made the NHL a fortune by getting Ovechkin into the playoffs and giving the NHL some exposure nationally. But of course you decide to rip them and their best player on national television and call them the "crapitals"....

I have managed through the past four years of mediocrity in Washington and we finally get back up on the stage and you humiliate us; Way to get more people involved in the sport. Now I can truly understand why you have been unable to keep a job on a consistent basis;

Everybody knows you got fired in 2006 with the Isles....Resigned my are a disgrace to the sport and I hope the networks figure that out soon.

Brendan O'Neill:

Mr. Milbury,
You put the anal in analyst. Hopefully, NBC will realize you couldn't analyze your way out of a cardboard box and to have someone of your talents?
removed as quickly as possible.

P Duke:

Mr. Millbury will be gone as quickly as he arrived. I do hope that NBC can do better this.


I grew up in Boston and enjoyed watching Mike Milbury play for the Bruins.

However, regarding his commentary on TV, I think Milbury's a meathead. I ignore him when possible-or hit mute. Its OK to be opinionated & harsh as part of a stage act or to boost ratings- But Milbury is not smart enough for that role.

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