Patriots-Giants Contest Scores as Season's Most-Watched Program

The three-pronged multicast of the Patriots' undefeated season Saturday night on CBS, NBC and the NFL Network scored as the most watched program of the current television season.

The come-from-behind victory for the favored New England team over the New York Giants also became the most-watched NFL regular-season game since 1995, with an average of 34.5 million viewers tuning in to see the action.

The Patriots' ratings juggernaut extended an incredibly successful run this year for not only the Patriots but broadcasters as well. In recent weeks, the Patriots have delivered the two biggest ratings of the year (a 20.1 in Week 9 and Week 14's 18.4), the biggest NBC "Saturday Night Football" rating ever (13.4 in Week 12), and the biggest NFL cable rating ever (11.1 in Week 13).

(Editor: Horowitz)

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Phil the K:

They'll meet again in the Super Bowl for the Patriot's only loss!

So is anybody surprised when this game is on Three Networks At Once; and gets a huge audience?

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