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Oprah's 'Big Give' Won't Be Back

There won't be a second season of the Oprah Winfrey reality show "The Big

ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson said the network was willing
to greenlight a second season of the show, in which contestants compete to see who
can do the most good deeds. Ms. Winfrey, however, wasn't game.

"We would've done another season if she had been interested," Mr. McPherson
said. "It was something she didn't want to continue."

Mr. McPherson said Ms. Winfrey had wanted to get a pay-it-forward message out to
the public, and that the one season of the show achieved that.

Ms. Winfrey's decision probably isn't too painful for ABC. While "The Big
Give" debuted with big numbers, it lost audience as it went forward, making
it a moderate—but not blockbuster—success.

ABC has been developing another project with Ms. Winfrey, but that show
is on hold for now, Mr. McPherson said.