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Kelley's 'Mars' Draft Hits Internet

Another fall pilot has leaked to the Internet.

A copy of David E. Kelley’s ABC drama “Life on Mars” has popped up on BitTorrent, the filesharing site that drives broadcasters crazy. The posting follows the recent Internet arrival of J.J. Abrams’ “Fringe.”

But there’s a big difference between the “Fringe” and “Mars” postings.

Fox plans to air the “Fringe” pilot pretty much as is this September. ABC, on the other hand, is planning major retooling to “Mars,” and has even brought in new showrunners to overhaul the show.

That means the version of “Mars” on the Internet is sort of an instant collectors’ item, since it will likely never be broadcast. TV fans, however, might not know that.

As a result, lots of potential viewers who check out the Internet version of “Mars” could get the wrong idea about what “Mars” will look like when it debuts.