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McCain, Obama Spots in ‘Army Wives’ Support Military Families

Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama have taped on-air spots for Lifetime Television Network to honor the service of American military families.

The 30-second messages are set to begin airing June 4 and will run until the June 8 premiere of the channel’s “Army Wives” at 10 p.m. The drama, which focuses on the travails of the spouses of deployed U.S. military men and women, is the highest-rated series in the cable channel’s history.

In Sen. McCain’s spot, he jokes about wife Cindy’s addiction to the show, adding, “As we honor and cherish the sacrifices made by those who have served our nation, we should also honor those who are currently in harm's way, defending our freedom, and the brave families that await their safe return.”

Sen. Obama notes, “‘Army Wives’ tells a story that's being lived by families across this country—by loved ones who are counting the days until the next R&R; by young children whose parents have been deployed so many times they barely know them; by parents who sit by the phone, waiting anxiously for their son or daughter to call; and by all who mourn the loss of one of America’s fallen heroes.”

Sen. Hillary Clinton, who like the other two is running for president, was invited to participate in the ad campaign but was unable to do so due to scheduling conflicts.

The spots can be viewed at