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American Express Tests Ad Integration in CBS' Local Markets

CBS Television Stations inked a deal with digital agency Digitas and its client American Express to run integrated on-air and online ads in six local TV markets.

American Express will integrate on-air content with ads on CBS’ local station Web sites and via CBS’ local ad network that pushes out ads to bloggers and community sites in CBS' local markets, said Jonathan Leess, president and general manager for the digital media group at CBS Television Stations, during a session today at the LATV Festival in Hollywood.

The deal demonstrates the interest advertisers have in multiplatform buys, Mr. Leess said.

He added that the CBS local division plans to let users upload news reports to its Web sites, starting with WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. The “You Report” feature allows users to contribute their reports to the station’s site.

“There is a desire to upload and participate, and we are going to do that and take advantage of the reach we currently have,” Mr. Leess said. “Marketers are looking for more than just the Web, and we are bringing them back to TV and leveraging online with TV."

CBS delivers 10 million streams per month across its local sites and 25 million per month across syndicated Web partners.

MTV also has focused on syndicating video content across the Web to sites like Bebo, AOL and DailyMotion, said Greg Clayman, executive VP of digital distribution and business development at MTV Networks, during the same panel. “One of the things that has become clear even in the last six months is there are audiences out there already we can bring our content to and grow the overall pie. As we syndicate stuff, we see our audiences growing more and more, and we have ad dollars we didn’t have before.”