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CBS Postpones Debut of Burnett's 'Jingles'

CBS has decided to push back indefinitely the premiere of Mark Burnett’s new reality show “Jingles.”

The series was supposed to bow Sunday, July 27, at 9 p.m. But a CBS spokesman confirmed Tuesday that the network has decided to hold off indefinitely on unveiling the show.

CBS brass felt they haven’t had enough time to promote “Jingles,” a competition show in which players try to come up with catchy ad slogans. The network has spent the last three weeks exhaustively pumping up new summer drama “Flashpoint,” reality competition “Greatest American Dog” and, to a lesser degree, the 10th season of “Big Brother.”

“Flashpoint” and “Dog” won their premiere time slots last week, although neither turned in a spectacular performance. CBS brass want to keep up the promotional drumbeat for both shows, leaving no time to sell “Jingles.”

It’s unlikely “Jingles” will debut until sometime in the fourth quarter, after CBS has seen how its new fall shows perform. The show remains in production.

For now, CBS plans to use the 9 p.m. Sunday timeslot for same-week encores of “Flashpoint.”

The network recently ordered more episodes of game show “Million-Dollar Password,” however, and might want to give the series a chance to air behind “Big Brother.”