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On the Horizon: Veronica Belmont

Veronica Belmont is the darling of the Internet.

That’s because not only is she smart and personable, she can sweep your registry clean and school you at World of Warcraft, too.

Ms. Belmont joined Revision3 in April and co-hosts its popular Web show “Tekzilla,” which draws more than 1 million views a month. She also is producer-host of “Qore,” an interactive program on the Sony PlayStation network on the gaming console.

She has become one of the best-known and most respected hosts on the Web after rising through the ranks, first at CNET TV and then with well-known Web show “Mahalo Daily.” She also has 26,000 followers on Twitter, the online social messaging service.

Fans love her, and not just because she’s fun. She has an insanely thorough knowledge of technology, computers, the Internet, and what’s under the hood of them all.

Ms. Belmont and co-host Patrick Norton answer viewer questions on “Tekzilla,” with the goal of making technology accessible to everyone. “We have a really good rapport, and this is a topic I really care about,” she said.

For online video to keep growing, the industry needs more metrics, especially when it comes to downloadable content, such as shows that are watched on iTunes, Microsoft Zune, TiVo and BitTorrent. Measuring across so many outlets can be challenging, but the Web offers a highly engaged and specific audience, Ms. Belmont said.

She said “Tekzilla” has seen strong viewer response to ads that run on the show because the viewers are likely to buy their own domains and build their own sites.

While Ms. Belmont has built her career on the Web, she said her fantasy job would be to work on the Discovery Channel. “Those are the shows that I grew up with,” she said.