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Video: 'Heroes'' Tim Kring at LATV Fest

“Heroes” creator Tim Kring talks to TVWeek contributing writer Daisy Whitney about how product integration is a “sensitive” subject for a hit TV series.

During a panel discussion at NATPE’s LATV Fest, Mr. Kring said, “The big fear for us is that when that material and content start to be generated by people who are outside the main or inner core of the creative force of a show, you have all sorts of pitfalls and things that can go wrong.

"You throw a little bit of sponsorship and product placement into the show and you have a recipe for all kinds of serious problems.”

However, he also feels the series was able to work in product integration in a clever way during the show’s first season, as sponsor deals were locked in early. “What we need is to have a relationship early enough on that allows us to build in a product integration in a really effective way,” he said.

As for the upcoming third season, Mr. Kring said, “We’re hitting the ground with a certain amount of adrenaline that I think the audience wants.” The first episode of the new season was screened at last week’s Comic-Con.

“What we’ve done in volume three is we’ve now taken all of those questions of ‘Who am I?,’ ‘How am I connected?,’ ‘Where did these powers come from?’ ... and we’ve re-asked them so that they all get reframed in a new way that the audience never expected to have,” he said.

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