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LATV Video: NBC’s Hunter on Genre Fatigue, Worst Pitch EVER

Jamila Hunter, NBC’s new senior vice president of programming and development, alternative and digital, said the biggest challenge facing creators and networks with reality series is “fatigue with the genre.”

“Viewers have gotten so used to seeing three judges on a talent competition, or certain rhythms with elimination,” Ms. Hunter told TVWeek at NATPE’s LATV Fest. “The really big challenge is enlivening it—not letting everything feel like you’ve seen it a hundred times. Unfortunately, I come back and there [are] pitches I heard five years ago.”

There’s never a dull day fielding reality pitches, Ms. Hunter said. The worst pitches she’s ever heard? A pimp-competition show, an aspirant who faked a seizure, and a guy who dropped an anvil on his most sensitive nether regions.

Ms. Hunter was most recently vice president of development at 20th Century Fox Television, where she helped launch “My Name Is Earl” and “How I Met Your Mother.” She was previously VP of development and production for Bravo and helped rebrand the network with some of its most popular reality series, including “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and “Project Runway.”

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