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LATV Video: Thom Beers on Creative Freedom at NBC

NBC isn’t trying to tinker with the formula that has brought Thom Beers reality-show success on Discovery with programs such as “Deadliest Catch.’

Mr. Beers’s talked about the development deal his Original Productions has with NBC in an exclusive TVWeek video interview at NATPE’s LATV Festival.

“NBC came to us because we have the ability to aggregate a young male audience that’s very attractive to them,” Mr. Beers said. “Instead of us reinventing the wheel and doing what they’d like, they actually came and said, ‘Listen, we love what you do, just do it bigger’… I’m doing what I would be doing for cable.”

Mr. Beers has been responsible for reality TV hits including “Catch,” “Lobster Wars” and “Monster Garage.” His Spike TV special, “1,000 Ways to Die,” has also been picked up for a 10-episode run in the fall. The special’s May broadcast doubled the network’s ratings during its timeslot among male viewers.

Mr. Beers’ company is currently working on 14 different shows for various networks. The producer also tells TVWeek about his two scripted projects, including “Chopper Zombie,” a theatrical release based on a character he created four years ago.

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