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Video: Generating Original Web Shows

Original Web programming can be a real business—as long as each project has a business model that keeps costs in line with revenue and contemplates enough distribution to satisfy advertisers.

That was the upshot of a panel populated by television executives and Web-video decisionmakers last week at NATPE’s LATV Festival. Attendees got advice first-hand from powerhouses including Reveille’s Howard Owens, YouTube’s Jordan Hoffner, RDF USA’s Max Benator, Bennett Group’s Darren Chuckry and AOL Television/Moviefone’s Kristin Rolla.

The panel, moderated by TelevisionWeek Editor Greg Baumann, explored what genres are poised to break out on the Web.

“The one thing that we’ve seen, YouTube being a global brand and global platform, is that well more than half of our streams are international,” Mr. Hoffner said. Based on that, he said animation is poised to be the medium of the next big breakout Web hit, due to the ease of dubbing for international markets.

There’s also value in shock value, Ms. Rolla said.

“Well, my integrity insurance group would hate me for saying this, but we love R-rated content because if you don’t have it, they’re going to go some place else,” Ms. Rolla said.
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