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David Muir, "World News Saturday" Anchor and "Primetime" Co-Anchor

Background: Mr. Muir’s career started with five years at CBS affiliate WTVH-TV in his hometown of Syracuse, N.Y., where he was a reporter and anchor showing versatility and high standards that would become his hallmark. (A report from his trip to the Middle East after the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin earned an RTNDA award.)

TV News Talent

Mr. Muir arrived at ABC News in 2003 as co-anchor of “World News Now,” the overnight newscast that has a hit-and-miss record as a launch pad to bigger assignments. Mr. Muir proved to be a hit, quickly becoming one of the network’s go-to correspondents on big domestic and international stories of all types for all ABC News programs and platforms. Since being named anchor of “World News Saturday” (and co-anchor/contributor), he continues to rack up mileage with assignments ranging from campaign and election coverage to reporting from the Ukraine two decades after the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Buzz: At ABC, Mr. Muir is known as a nice guy who can do anything and anything he does is going to be a home run. He’s a good writer and a hard-working reporter who likes pounding the pavement. ABC, which has had to fend off at least one pass made by another enamored network news division, is determined to remain Mr. Muir’s professional home. ABC likes him—really likes him.