In Depth

Mara Schiavocampo, "NBC Nightly News" Digital Journalist

Background: After getting her start at CBS Newspath, Ms. Schiavocampo developed muscle spending a year as part of the startup team at the digital ABC News Now.

TV News Talent

She moved to WRNN-TV (or Regional News Network, as this indie station in the Upper Hudson Valley calls itself) as an anchor, reporter and producer-reporter of long-form investigative pieces. By 2006, her work was winning outside notice. A report on army recruiting earned hard-news honors from the New York State Broadcasters Association. Her work also was showing up everywhere from NPR and Current TV to Ebony. Her ability to find, produce, edit and report her own stories brought the opportunity in October 2007 to do just that for “NBC Nightly News,” primarily online but increasingly on-air.

Buzz: Ms. Schiavocampo has gone a long way toward defining the role for digital journalists. Some even describe her as “the future.” Her ability to produce a handful of stories makes her solo trips anywhere extremely cost-efficient. She’s self-reliant, hard-working, determined and engaging. She appeared on the Nov. 20 edition of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which was about beauty practices and beliefs around the world. In the same week she delivered a personalized report to “Nightly News” on the ripple effects of the automakers’ problems in Detroit. No wonder people at NBC News believe she can do it all. And now she’s been touched by Oprah Winfrey. Who could ask for anything more as a sign of stardom to come?