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NBC Sells Out Super Bowls Ads, Hits Revenue Record

NBC said it has sold out the remaining commercials in Sunday’s Super Bowl and has generated a record $206 million in advertising revenue for the championship game.

For all of Super Sunday, NBC has garnered $261 million in revenue, the network said.

“These advertising milestones show the power of the NFL brand and the strength of the Super Bowl as a TV property in this economic climate,” said Jeff Zucker, president and CEO of NBC Universal.

A total of 32 advertisers bought commercial time in Super Bowl XLIII.

"The plan to aggressively sell the majority of our advertising early in the process at the record unit price of $3 million showed tremendous foresight," said Dick Ebersol, Chairman, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics. "To finish selling out the Super Bowl in these last two weeks, in this economy and at record levels, is a testament to the dogged determination of Seth Winter,” who is senior VP of sales and marketing at NBC Sports.

NBC had sold about 85% of its Super Bowl inventory by September. Over the last two weeks, it sold most of the remaining spots and had just two left as of Friday.

On Friday, said it had bought a second Super Bowl spot, one of the last two NBC had available for sale.