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Chart: Monthly Time Spent Watching Video

Even as people view more video on the Internet, the use of television in the home continues to increase. Nielsen’s recent Three Screen Report found that Americans watch more than 153 hours of TV at home and another three hours of video on the Internet. The 13.4 million Americans who watch video on mobile phones watch 3 1/2 hours of video per month. A closer look at TV usage follows:

Hours: Minutes Per User 2+

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  1Q09 4Q08 1Q08 % Change 1Q09 to 1Q08 Total Difference 1Q09 to 1Q08
Watching TV in the home 153:27 151:03 150:38 1.9% 2:49
Watching time-shifted TV 8:13 7:11 5:52 40.1% 2:21
Using the Internet 29:15 27:04 27:57 4.6% 1:17
Watching video on Internet 3:00 2:53 1:57 53.2% 1:02
Mobile subscribers watching video on a mobile phone 3:37 3:42 n/a n/a n/a
Source: The Nielsen Co.