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Hot List: Amy Chiaro

Name: Amy Chiaro

Title: Co-executive producer of “The Dr. Oz Show,” produced by Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television.

Age: 35

Big Break: Ms. Chiaro said her big break occurred at NBC News a month out of college. She received a phone call about a barge fire off the coast of Long Island. She said she thought it could be more, and made some calls. She was right. The fire turned out to be TWA Flight 800, which crashed on July 17, 1996, killing all 230 passengers and crew on board.

Ms. Chiaro is taking the reins of the largest first-run syndicated show next season with “Oz.” The show, starring Dr. Memhet Oz, has a lot of steam behind it due to the Oprah-backed pedigree.

Ms. Chiaro has an extensive news background, serving in multiple roles within NBC News over the past 13 years, including senior broadcast producer position with “Today” and executive producer of “Today Weekend.”

“I love working,” she said. “So six or seven days a week at the office never fazes me.”

That drive occurred even earlier in her career. Ms. Chairo said she pushed to get her driver’s license in three weeks, not to hang out with friends but to grab an internship at an Albany television studio.

As for “Oz,” Ms. Chiaro is excited about the growing medical talk show genre, but is also interested in the amount of important information being presented to viewers.

“People know they need to make a change and they’re hungry for the tools to do it and for someone caring who understands their struggle,” she said.

It’s not all work for Ms. Chiaro. She said she has a knack for cooking, and makes a fantastic apple pie.

“As a kid, I spent every non-school moment in my family’s bakery making my grandmother’s recipes for apple cider donuts, pies, muffins,” she said. “You name it, I can bake it.”

—Andrew Krukowski

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