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On the Horizon: Brian Brushwood

Name: Brian Brushwood

Title: Magician, Web host, live performer

If you have ever wanted to eat fire or hammer a nail in your nose—or, really, just learn how those tricks are performed—Brian Brushwood is your man.

Last year, Mr. Brushwood, now 34, became a full-fledged Internet star in addition to being a well-known touring magician. He’s poised to become an on-air TV personality in his own right someday soon.

He’s currently the host of Revision3’s hit series “Scam School,” which has logged more than two million views since its launch a year ago and was named one of the top iTunes podcasts in 2008.

He’s been performing his “bizarre magic” shows at college campuses for the last 10 years where he’s built his reputation and fan following. The magician Teller of Penn and Teller has said of Mr. Brushwood: “He’s funny, dangerous, and brilliantly original. He’s going to be really famous, very soon.”

His on-camera work is still a side job compared to the daily work with the live stage tour. “I’d like to make it more of a full-time gig, whether that means more podcasts, live streams, or traditional television,” Mr. Brushwood said. “I’m totally coming from the outside on this one. I wasn’t incubated in local media. I spent the last 10 years touring and performing live. It’s an interesting challenge to re-tool my presentation for a new medium.”

His online work is catching the attention of television producers and executives, but he’s also staked a claim as the Internet magician, said Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3. “He’s focused, smart and well on his way. The show grows consistently every month.”

—Daisy Whitney

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