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On the Horizon: Ross Cox

Name: Ross Cox

Title: Senior director of entertainment products for Cartoon Network/Adult Swim New Media

Adult Swim’s iPhone game “Amateur Surgeon” is in the top 10 list at the Apple App Store, but Ross Cox has not yet conquered all 30 operations yet. Mr. Cox, 34, senior director of entertainment products for Cartoon Network/Adult Swim New Media, said his group has been busy group is creating unique intellectual property for the interactive space.

“We realize sometimes that television shows that are on the air really rely on the humor and the writing and it doesn’t always translate,’ say Mr. Cox, who previously worked for AT&T, Bluestreak Network, Cox Enterprises, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution and Source Media’s Interactive Channel. “We’ve targeted a similar type of interactive sensibility with the titles we’ve created online and for devices such as the iPhone.”

Aimed at the same core 18- to 34-year-old viewer as Adult Swim, the new media group tries to maintain the same lighthearted sensibility. “We play all day which is what makes the job so fun. And we get pretty darn good,” he said.

Besides the iPhone, Mr. Cox’s group is working on interactive TV applications. ITV has been slow going for most of the cable industry because each distributor has its own technology and back office situation. But Mr. Cox’s group has managed to produce a suite of games for DirecTV that viewers can play using their remote controls. The games are based on the Cartoon Network series “Ben 10” and “The Secret Saturdays”

“They’ve exceeded our expectations,” Mr. Cox said, and “and we’ve gotten the green light to do several more titles with DirecTV.”

—Jon Lafayette

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