Newspro: Health Care Journalism

Newspro: Health Care Journalism

Under the Knife
The bad economy has been a double whammy for journalists: Not only have the funds in their 401(k)s disappeared, but so have the media outlets they work for. At first, health care journalists seemed impervious to the axes falling in media organizations... On Page 13 and On Page 19

  • Feeling the Economic Pinch
    “I think our members are scared. I think journalists everywhere are scared,” said Trudy Lieberman, president of the Association of Health Care Journalists’ board of directors, speaking candidly about the current economic straits facing news pros on the health beat... On Page 14 and On Page 16
  • Follow the Money
    Veteran journalist Len Bruzzese, executive director of the Association of Health Care Journalism and its Center for Excellence in Health Care Journalism, has been at the organization’s helm since 2005. An associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism, he worked with the school’s dean... On Page 14, On Page 16
  • and On Page 17

  • Losing Voice of Experience
    On March 23, the Wall Street Journal’s Scott A. Hensley, editor of the well-regarded WSJ Health Blog, reported that he was leaving the paper and the blog. The veteran health care reporter had been at the Journal since 2000, and switched to editing the WSJ Health Care Blog when it launched in March 2007... On Page 18 and On Page 19
  • Polio Fight Wins the Prize for RLTV
    Every year since 2004, the Association of Health Care Journalists has honored the best in health care reporting at its annual gathering. This year’s first-place winner in the television category was a segment of “Healthline Presents” on Retirement Living TV (RLTV)... On Page 20

  • Care-less in the U.S.
    At Health Journalism 2009 in Seattle this week, the Association of Health Care Journalists will be presenting awards in 11 categories honoring the best in health care reporting. Al Jazeera English Television received the second-place prize in the television category for “Health Care USA”... On Page 20 and On Page 23
  • ‘Newshour’ Looks at ‘the End’
    Perhaps the most controversial award-winning health report honored by the Association of Health Care Journalists in 2009 is “Talking About the End,” produced by PBS’ “The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer,” which took third place in the television category... On Page 22

  • Digging Deep
    The Center for Public Integrity has been recognized by the Association of Health Care Journalists for the in-depth online report “Perils of the New Pesticide,” winning first place in the online category... On Page 22 and On Page 23

  • Helping the Underserved
    The popular conception of medically underserved areas is a remote rural locale—the hollows of Appalachia or South Dakota’s plains, say—where residents must travel many miles to be seen by a physician or wait for the medical practitioners to come to them via traveling clinic... On Page 24

  • ‘Hidden America’ Put Focus on Kids
    For Diane Sawyer’s “20/20” report “A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains,” ABC News producers and camera crews spent nearly two years in central Appalachia looking at how children in particular are coping with adult-created problems, from their parents’ drug addictions to unemployment... On Page 24 and On Page 25

  • Tackling Issue of Reform
    The national debate on health care reform is heating up, but the role the media will play in furthering the discussion remains to be seen. During the Clinton administration, the debate quickly devolved into emotional advertising and spin... On Page 26

  • Experience Counts for CBS’ Dr. Lapook
    Three years ago, CBS Evening News named Jon LaPook, M.D., its medical correspondent, reporting on health care and medical news alongside anchor Katie Couric each week. In addition to continuing his medical practice in New York City as a board-certified gastroenterologist and attending physician at New York-Presbyterian Hospital... On Page 26 and On Page 27

  • The 'Get' of the Season: Octomom
    What started out as a medical “miracle” story ended up among the biggest of the year’s news “gets.” In early February, “Dateline NBC” and “Today” show co-anchor Ann Curry landed an exclusive interview with Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets whose birth less than two weeks earlier had made worldwide headlines... On Page 27 and On Page 28

  • PhRMA‘S ‘Miracles’ Show Goes Online for Global Audience
    Embracing the digital world has given “Sharing Miracles”—a program that features a high-profile person dealing with a chronic or life-threatening illness and highlights treatments and medications—an international reach... On Page 29

  • Web Dicey as a Research Resource
    Andrew Holtz vividly recalls the days of poring over medical journals in the depths of college libraries to do research for a story... On Page 30

  • Following Primetime’s Lead
    Sometimes a well-wrought primetime medical drama can lead to compelling heath care reports on real-life local newscasts. Take the award-winning Fox medical drama “House.” In each episode, Dr. Gregory House—as portrayed by Hugh Laurie—solves difficult medical mysteries with a team of diagnosticians... On Page 31

  • Newsmags Still Out Front
    It was a spontaneous act of maternal nurturing that resonated round the world. Actress Salma Hayek, the mother of an infant daughter, decided to breast-feed an ailing infant boy in Sierra Leone as ABC News “Nightline” cameras captured the moment... On Page 32

  • Getting Camera-Ready
    Medical communications can be the trickiest of journalism professions. The information conveyed by health care professionals in the media can save—or cost—lives... On Page 33

  • CNN’S Cohen: Keeping Health News Simple
    Elizabeth Cohen aired her first health story on CNN in 1991. Now the network’s senior medical correspondent, Ms. Cohen has reported health and medical angles of major news stories, from Hurricane Katrina to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to the recent sudden death of actress Natasha Richardson... On Page 34

  • Excellence in Health Care Journalism
    Awards will be presented at a luncheon April 18 at Health Journalism 2009... On Page 20