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TV Takes a Close Look at the Los Angeles Riots 25 Years Later

For everyone who lived in the Los Angeles Metro area at the time — and countless millions upon millions of others watching live on television — the horrific events that transpired beginning April 29, 1992, will forever be etched in…

Apr 21, 2017

CNN’s ‘Soundtracks’: History Brought to Life Through Music

September 11. The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Stonewall riots. Music is a unique lens through which to view these and other highly examined, momentous events that have shaped world history over the past half a century….

Apr 20, 2017

CNN Tackles an ‘Unseen Enemy’

SARS. Zika. Ebola. Bird Flu. These are the names of recent disease pandemics that can inflict not only severe illness and death but also massive amounts of fear. And while it is incredibly difficult to watch the human suffering that…

Apr 7, 2017

‘The Great War’: Producer, Writer and Director Stephen Ives on the Moment When America Came of Age

Thousands upon thousands of women carrying protest signs march down Fifth Avenue in New York City. No, it’s not a scene from the nationwide protests that took place the day after the Trump inauguration in January. This women’s march is…

Apr 5, 2017

Last Night Was a Surreal Experience in Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin Zone

Tuesday morning, when all that was known publicly was that Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai had pulled their ads from “The O’Reilly Factor,” I spoke to a high ranking executive at a top media agency who asked me not to use his…

Apr 5, 2017

What a TV Series Set 160 Years Ago Says About Today’s America

The abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who died in 1895, is certainly having a moment — notwithstanding President Trump’s recent comment about him that many interpreted as the president thinking Douglass was still alive. Ten-time Grammy Award-winning musician John Legend will portray…

Mar 8, 2017

Robert Osborne WAS the Movies

For me, Robert Osborne WAS the movies. Movie makers are storytellers, and no one knew or shared more stories about the movies than Robert Osborne, the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) host who died yesterday at age 84. He worked on…

Mar 7, 2017

The Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Met, and Her Very Special 90th Birthday

“The most unforgettable character I ever met?” That question kicked off an article written by A.J. Cronin in the September, 1939 issue of Reader’s Digest. From then on, the series of articles the Digest ran under the banner “The Most…

Feb 25, 2017

‘Overrated’ Meryl Streep Avoids Politics, Rakes In Another Award

“Live from the Meryl Streep Ballroom,” said actress Mandy Moore as she began her hosting duties for the 19th Costume Designers Guild Awards, held Tuesday, Feb. 21, in what is otherwise known as the Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom. Ms. Streep…

Feb 23, 2017

Writers Guild Awards: Oscar Favorites Emerge; FX Dominates Television Awards

It was certainly telegraphed that there would be a comedic mash-up of politics and performance at the 2017 Writers Guild Awards when the West Coast ceremonies kicked off with a brief video that focused on the ethnicities of Guild members…

Feb 21, 2017