Open Mic

Larry King: Hero or Hypocrite?

Am I the only one who has found all this recent on-air hoopla at CNN surrounding Larry King’s 25th anniversary of his talk show, culminating in King declaring on his show last night that HE has decided to quit “Larry…

Jun 30, 2010

10th BET Awards: A Queen, a Prince and Family

It’s the baby of entertainment industry awards shows. This Sunday, the BET Awards turn 10 years old in ‘10, as the network itself celebrates its 30th year. The show got booted into adulthood last year, when just three days before it…

Jun 25, 2010

A Wonderful Father’s Day, Thanks to TV

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and turned out to be a great day to watch sports on TV. Furthermore, if you watched with your kids, a good life lesson came out of it as well. The day started, at least in…

Jun 21, 2010