Open Mic

What Should Have Been the Midnight Call of Moonves, Iger, Carey and Burke Expressing Their Rage Over What Happened Because of the Replacement Refs on ‘Monday Night Football’

I am not a sports fanatic. But I do enjoy watching most sports on TV when I have the time. I’ve watched some of the NFL games since the league has locked out the refs in a contract dispute, and…

Sep 25, 2012

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Emmy? It’s Not That Hard if the Guilds Have the Resolve to Do It

Am I the only one who remembers this? In the days before TV and the Emmys, there was radio and the Mega-Hertzies. I recall sitting on my mom’s lap years ago when FDR spoke into a mike to accept his…

Sep 25, 2012

‘Mad Men,’ ‘Girls,’ ‘Hatfields,’ ‘Homeland’ and More: Top TV Writers Sound Off About the Emmys

Television writers may not have the glitz and glam of actors, but they definitely have the wittiness and self-effacing factors down pat. That’s why it’s always such a pleasure to attend the annual Sublime Primetime event, honoring Emmy-nominated writers. This…

Sep 21, 2012

Won’t Get Fooled Again. Simon Cowell Is Not Quite the Truth Teller We Thought He Was — He’s Got More P.T. Barnum in Him Than One Might Have Suspected. What Cowell Left Out of Last Week’s ‘X Factor’

As “The X Factor” begins the second week of its second season tonight, Sept. 19, 2012, one hopes that the show will become more transparent. Yes, I realize that almost all “reality” shows involve a certain amount of audience manipulation,…

Sep 19, 2012

Creative Arts Emmy Awards Marked by F-Bombs and Other Awkward Moments That Aren’t Likely to Make It Into the TV Version

There are many things viewers will not see when ReelzChannel airs a cut-down version of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards that took place Saturday, Sept. 15, at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles. It should not diminish any of…

Sep 18, 2012