Open Mic

Producers Guild Joins the ‘Argo’ Chorus — and Lavishes More Honors on TV’s Best

Chris Terrio did an excellent job writing the screenplay for "Argo," for which he’s been nominated for an Oscar, and he could probably write a pretty good story about the drama itself coming from behind to take frontrunner status after…

Jan 30, 2013

One Wag, Talking About the Fake Details of College Football Star Manti Te’o’s Fake Girlfriend: ‘Look at the Bright Side — No One Really Died.’ All Kidding Aside, Here Are the Reasons the Hoax Lasted as Long as It Did. Guest Commentary

[Hi. Chuck Ross here. This guest blog is written by David Klein. David and I go back almost 20 years. For all my time here at TVWeek, and for the four years before that when I was the media editor at our sibling publication…

Jan 22, 2013

Everyone Had a Great Time at the Golden Globes, but What About the Other, Much Lower-Key, Hollywood Awards That Took Place a Few Days Earlier?

Those who like to point out that the Golden Globes are the most fun awards show in Hollywood may not have experienced the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, which rival it as an unbuttoned affair where the biggest names in show…

Jan 15, 2013

When Cable TV Was Young, How Three Pioneers Worked Hard to Get Cable Programming Noticed

With the winter 2013 edition of the Television Critics Association tour set to start today, Friday, Jan. 4, I was struck recently that most of the TV shows nominated recently for Golden Globes this year — as well as for…

Jan 4, 2013